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“The Police Athletic League of NYC has been business partners with Sobel Affiliates/Brown & Brown of Garden City for over 20 years. Their staff members are all knowledgeable, responsive, thorough and have proven themselves to be an excellent and trusted advisor. Besides the usual shopping of our various health plans to ensure the best price, they provide us a plethora of options to consider, ranging from high deductible health plans with HRA’s and HSAs, to self-insurance and every variable in between. They have been particularly helpful in guiding us through myriad issues posed by the Affordable Care Act and other changing legislation. What we appreciate most is they will always go above and beyond what is expected.”

– Don Denninger, Director Human Resources, The Police Athletic League of NYC


“I am employed by a corporate entity (as the Corporate Secretary amongst other titles), that is amongst the top in its industry, worldwide, and publicly traded. Four years ago, the responsibility of administering our health insurance benefits plan fell in my lap. I immediately contacted Sobel Affiliates (Brown and Brown) and could not be happier with the services rendered. Not only did we effectuate fixed cost and network savings for actual health-care services received, but the entire process of administering claims and managing workforce issues were facilitated! To boot, we expanded benefits coverage and this was not only because the change to Sobel was coterminous with the onset of the ACA. Regarding the ACA, the folks at Sobel provided expert practical advice in re the new requirements of the ACA and the impact of several Supreme Court cases on the health care industry, particularly how other employers were reacting. Health Insurance and Employee Benefits are a complicated and very important issue for any employer and Sobel provides best in class service and support.”

– General Counsel & Secretary of one of the word’s largest corporations in their industry


I have had the pleasure of working with Brown and Brown of Garden City for the past 7 years primarily in the way of Ken Weinstein, Vice President and Anne Marie Dunworth, Senior Account Executive. They have a good team. Their long standing relationship with the Animal Medical Center extends back over 10 years. It’s no wonder.

Their “hands-on” approach has been constant throughout my tenure. They stay on top of the latest legal horizon and they know the Employee Benefits insurance industry well. Ken knows his numbers and Anne Marie knows her clients and their employees! I enjoy working with them and battle with the industry for RIGHT renewals, year after year. We at the AMC make it a practice to meet with competitors from time to time and Brown and Brown continue to score highest on our check list. I would recommend Brown and Brown of Garden City to any firm looking for a professional highly skilled broker relationship and an enhanced hands-on personal approach to Employee Benefits administration.

– Linda Faison, Director of Organizational Development & HR, The Animal Medical Center