In The Event of a Loss

What should I do in the event of a loss or claim?

  • Do not admit liability or make an offer of payment. If pressed, simply say you will report the incident to your insurer.
  • For liability or auto incidents, gather details of what happened: where/when/how/who, and get name and contact information on witnesses. Take photos. For auto claims, get the other driver’s registration, driver’s license, and insurance ID card information. Provide the same to the other parties.
  • question_markReport to the police if necessary.
  • For property claims, do not risk physical injury by attempting to mitigate the loss. Protect the property from further damage, separate what is damaged from what is not, and do not throw away damaged property until an adjuster from your insurer has seen the damage. If you must start repairs or cleanup before an adjuster has seen the damage, take extensive photographs.
  • Contact Sobel as soon as possible. If you need to report a claim after hours or when the office is otherwise closed, please Click Here